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This four-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to Java advanced topics. This course is intended for advanced users. Themes of data base programming, network programming, Java Security, Internationalization and Multithreading are explored throughout the course. The course participants learn step by step and in a practice-oriented way how to connect to data bases, how to apply the CRUD Operation (create, read, update and delete), and how to implement Server/Client applications using networking. The course also introduces Multithreading and the Java Security Manager as well as working with XML and JSON files.

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Learn advanced Java topics for challenging projects
Learn best practices for server/client, database programming, multithreading, XML and JSON
Shorten the training period for new employees for Java projects
Learn best practice in Java and even some refactoring patterns here

This course is optimised for Java programmers who want to deepen their knowledge and improve it efficiently in a short time. The course explains the important advanced Java topics that are commonly encountered in an industrial project through many examples and challenging programming tasks. The course will take you to the next level. On the last day, we could even master a small runnable game or a small management system together and put what we have learned into action. This is the ideal course to shorten the learning curve for Java projects, if necessary.

Eğitim İçeriği

Module 1 - Annotations and Reflection API
Module 2 - Collections: Quick summary, Performance, Java Puzzlers on collections, Best Practices
Module 3 - XML Processing: XML and XSD, JAXP (SAX, DOM, StAX), JAXB, XSL, XPath, XQuery
Module 4 - RMI and Distributed Programming
Module 5 - JMX and Programming MBeans
Module 6 - Threads and Concurrent Programming: Quick summary, Callable, Future, FutureTask,
Executors, Synchronizers
Module 7 - Database Programming: JDBC, JPA, JTA
Module 8 - NIO and NIO2
Module 9 - Networking (Non-Blocking Sockets, Selector)
Module 10 - JNDI
Module 11 - Security: Digital Signatures, Message Digests, Symmetric/Asymmetric Ciphers
Module 12 - New Language Features in Java 8-17

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