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ASP.NET Core 5 Eğitimi, Microsoft'un ASP.NET Web geliştirme çerçevesinin platformlar arası bir sürümüdür. Bu ASP.NET Core 5 Geliştirme eğitimi, katılımcıları ASP.NET Core geliştirmeyle tanıştırır ve MVC tasarım modelini izleyen iyi tasarlanmış web ve hizmet odaklı uygulamalar tasarlamak ve oluşturmak için gerekli becerileri öğretir. 

ASP.NET Core 5 Development Eğitimi, gRPC ve Blazor gibi yeni çerçeveler sunar, ancak bu konuların derinlemesine işlenmemektedir.

Neler Öğreneceksiniz

  • Understand the goals and benefits of the .NET Core platform
  • Learn to make good decisions about application architecture and the choice of data access technology
  • Use ASP.NET Core's routing system to achieve a REST-style architecture
  • Learn how to build a compelling and maintainable HTML user interface using the Razor view engine and client-side JavaScript
  • Gain experience using Blazor, Razor Pages, SignalR, and gRPC
  • Learn how to extend and modify ASP.NET Core by creating custom components and templates
  • Understand the different cross-platform deployment options available including via Docker containers

Eğitim İçeriği

Introducing the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core MVC 

  • Understand the changes to the new .NET Core framework 
  • Run .NET Core apps on multiple platforms
  • Explore from a high-level perspective the ASP.NET Core framework, its strengths and its building blocks


Finding your way around ASP NET Core MVC 

  • Create a new project and see what is getting generated
  • Learn about the new files, workflow and configuration options that come with ASP.NET Core 5


Creating our first page 

  • Build our first ASP.NET Core pages
  • Identify ASP.NET Core MVC major building blocks such as controllers, routing and views


Introducing EF Core 

  • Explore the new framework, focusing on code-first approaches


Doing more with the view 

  • Examine Razor through tag helpers, layouts, viewstart and view components 


Understanding Navigation and Routing 

  • Understand the options that are offered by the ASP.NET Core 5 MVC framework to navigate to pages
  • Create well-formatted URLs for reasons of SEO



Creating a Form 

  • Model binding


Introducing ASP.NET Identity 

  • Interpret ASP.NET Core comes with ASP.NET Identity
  •  Authenticate users and authorize them to perform actions within our site


Illustrating advanced topics on ASP.NET Identity 

  • Examine user management, role management, claims and policies


Tackling security risks with ASP.NET Core MVC 

  • Deploy risk assessment
  • Analyze XSS, CSRF as the most common security risks


Assessing advanced concepts in ASP.NET Core 

  • Cover  more advanced topics such as model binding, custom and complex tag helpers, attribute routing, filters and more


Unit testing in ASP.NET Core MVC 

  • Write unit tests for an ASP.NET Core 5 MVC application using xUnit


Executing Diagnostics and Logging 

  • Give diagnostic information to the users through middleware
  • Explore the built-in logging system
  • Add some third-party logging providers here as well 


Caching and performance 

  • Use the different ways of adding caching to the site, including in-memory caching, distributed caching and response caching


Deploying and CI 

  • Deploy the application to Azure
  • Use VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services)
  • Automate the build
  • Set up a continuous build and continuous integration.


Creating an API using ASP.NET MVC Core 5 

  • Focus on the aspects that are closely related to RESTful Web APIs

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