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After a quick theoretical introduction, we move directly to practical applications. We look specifically at the important object-oriented design concepts and principles. After all, a Clean Software architecture is one level higher and more abstract than pure Java Clean Code.

Our Clean Code seminar is more about writing clean, high-quality code. The Clean Software Architecture seminar, on the other hand, focuses on classes according to SOLID principles as well as proven design patterns and their interactions. Basic questions like: Which classes belong in the same module? How do the modules interact with each other? Where are the boundaries between modules to be set? And what are the interfaces between the modules? How do I test the whole thing? Besides many examples and small programming tasks, we will model and largely implement an entire system in the Clean Software Architecture seminar.

Neler Öğreneceksiniz

Learn and apply object-oriented software architecture principles
Gain a better understanding of good design and software architecture best practices
Learn to design clean and flexible software architecture
Learn proven design patterns with Java
Reduce training time for new employees with comprehensive SW architecture
Increase productivity with an easily extensible software architecture
This Clean Software Architecture course teaches you the basic concepts and best practices for Clean Software Architecture with Java in a simple and structured way. You will learn different techniques and principles like SOLID, GRASP, Hexagonal Architecture and Design Patterns with Java. This course is the ideal introduction to software architecture with Java.

Eğitim İçeriği

Module 1 – Introduction to Software Architectures
Module 2 – Introduction to Clean Architecture
Module 3 – SOLID Principles
Module 4 – Clean Architecture Components
Module 5 – Introduction to Clean Code
Module 6 – Meaningful Names
Module 7 – Functions
Module 8 – Comments
Module 9 – Formatting
Module 10 – Objects and Data Structures
Module 11 – Error Handling
Module 12 – Boundaries
Module 13 – Clean Test
Module 14 – Clean Concurrency

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