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This training course introduces the core DevOps concepts and principles as well as the ways to stand up the DevOps practice in your organization. It is specifically focused on projects on the Java Platform. Upon completion of this training course, students will have a fundamental understanding of DevOps’ value proposition; they will also gain practical experience working with select DevOps tools, including Puppet, Jenkins, Git and others. This training course is supplemented by hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the learned material.

Neler Öğreneceksiniz

  • DevOps practices and tools


  • Puppet


  • Technical introduction to cloud computing


  • Jenkins

Eğitim İçeriği


  • Establish Goals and Current State

  • The Goal of DevOps


  • What Is DevOps?
  • Background and History

  • Symptoms and Problems in Today's Environment

  • The IT Core Chronic Conflict

  • DevOps Roles

  • DevOps Defined

  • Core Concepts


  • Ball Point Game

  • Why Do DevOps?
  • Driving Factors

  • Amazon's Process: A Case Study

  • State of DevOps Report

  • Manufacturing and DevOps


  • DevOps at Microsoft – a Case Study

  • Dark Launches

  • Feature Flags

  • Agile to DevOps

  • Branching

  • Teams

  • Live Site Culture


  • How Does DevOps Work
  • Continuous Integration

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Testing

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Automation

  • Kanban End-to-End


  • Culture and DevOps

  • People and Trust

  • Resilience

  • Engagement is Key

  • Change the Metrics!

  • Law of Motivation

  • Keys to Successful DevOps Culture


  • Tool Time

  • Build Automation

  • Test Automation

  • Deployment Automation

    • Git

  • Environment Provisioning

  • Automated Feedback and Monitoring


  • DevOps Assessment

  • Summary and Next Steps


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