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Digital Vizyon Akademi'nin Advanced Angular eğitimiyle becerilerinizi bir sonraki seviyeye taşıyabilirsiniz. Katılımcılar, Angular'da uygulama mimarisi ve tasarım en iyi uygulamalarını anlar ve bir Angular uygulamasında kimlik doğrulama, birim testi ve uygulama durumunu yönetmeyi öğrenirler.

Neler Öğreneceksiniz

  • Unit test all parts of an application including Components, Services, and Pipes
  • Implement Authentication and Authorization in an Angular Application
  • Optimize Angular Performance by changing Change Detection Strategies
  • Setup new projects from scratch using the Angular CLI
  • Scaffold modules, components, services, models, routes, and unit tests in accordance with best practices using the Angular CLI
  • Write End-to-End Tests (optional; taught only if this applies to your group)
  • Upgrade an existing application to the current Angular version (optional; taught only if this applies to your group)

Eğitim İçeriği

  • RoutAdvanced ing

    • Lazy Loading
    • Preloading Modules
    • Diagnostic with traces
    • Auxiliary routes
    • Routes Transitions
    • Protect routes access with Guards
    • Route Resolver
    • Setting metadata for SEO
    • Router events



  • Complex Error Handling

    • Global Error Handler
    • Managing different types of errors: Code, Navigation, Http
    • Error Service, offline mode and log to server
    • Http Errors Interceptor with auto retry for failed requests
    • Notification Service: using an RxJS Subject to stream messages and display toast notifications



  • Optimizing performance 

    • Exploring different techniques to improve your apps and make them run fast and smooth:
    • Bundling, Minification, dead code elimination, enableProdMode()
    • Performance for Data Binding with OnPush
    • Profiling an app performance
    • Web Workers to improve responsiveness
    • Profiling runtime performance
    • Using bundle analyzer
    • Virtual Scrolling
    • Improve ngFor with trackBy
    • Caching with Service Worker
    • Progressive Web App (PWA)


  • Advanced RxJS

    • RxJS and Reactive Programming
    • Data Composition with Observables
    • Most important RxJS operators
    • Using Subjects (BehaviorSubject, ReplaySubject)
    • Introduction to Higher-order Mapping Operators (switchMap, flatMap, ...)


  • Modern State Management with Redux and ngrx

    • Why Redux ?
    • Introduction to the ngrx platform
    • Setting up ngrx store
    • Stateful vs stateless components
    • Immutability and performance
    • Ngrx error handling
    • Managing the router state in the store
    • Async actions with ngrx effects
    • Removing boilerplate with ngrx entity
    • Live debugging and time travelling with ngrx DevTools
    • NgRx Data


  • Angular Universal

    • Improving performances and SEO
    • Server-Side Rendering
    • Static Site Generation
    • Overview of Scully (Jamstack)

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