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The MongoDB for Python Developers training course is designed to demonstrate how to work with and leverage MongoDB to create big-data solutions.

The course begins with an overview of MongoDB and its concepts, including how it it fits into “Big Data.” Next, it transitions into writing Python applications that leverage Mongo. The course concludes with an examination of commonly used related Mongo topics such as GridFS.

Neler Öğreneceksiniz

  • Set up and configure a basic MongoDB install
  • Develop a simple Python-Mongo Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) application
  • Create and design indexes and schemas for MongoDB

Eğitim İçeriği

What is MongoDB? 

  • How does it compare to RDBMS? 
  • How does Mongo fit into ‘big-data’?


Core MongoDB Concepts 

  • Find and download MongoDB 
  • The MongoDB environments and deployment models 
  • Install and configure MongoDB


Performing standard DB operations with MongoDB 

  • The MongoDB Shell 
  • Perform basic CRUD operations


Introduction to the MongoDB API 

  • Documents 
  • Core concepts 



  • The PyMongo driver and the IPython Shell


Designing Indexes and Schemas for MongoDB 

  • Core Indexing concepts 
  • Indexing, query profiling and the query optimizer 
  • Core schema concepts 
  • Learn from others 


Explore good and bad schema design case studies 

  • Practice makes perfect 
  • Represent different domain models within MongoDB 
  • Create schemas for atomic operations


Setting up replication with Mongo 

  • Overview of replication concepts and requirements 
  • Define and set up replica sets



  • Overview of sharding 
  • Understand how sharding affects application design 
  • Create shards


Simple MongoDB Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting 

  • Retrieve performant information from MongoDB 
  • Understand what the data means 
  • Define a performance tuning strategy 
  • Tune process, measurement, and adjustments


Additional Topics 

  • More administration commands 
  • Create and work with GeoSpatial indexes 
  • GridFS 
  • Aggregation 
  • Security


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