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The training course will help the participants prepare for Web Application Development using Python Programming with Data Analytics. Such data visualization is a great tool for Top Management in decision making.

Neler Öğreneceksiniz

  • Anaconda, conda and Jupyter
  • Python Data Science tools: NumPy and Pandas
  • Data cleaning and preparation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualisation
  • Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Data preprocessing and feature engineering with Python
  • Supervised learning algorithms with scikit-learn
  • Unsupervised learning algorithms with scikit-learn
  • Evaluation, model introspection and error analysis

Eğitim İçeriği

Day 1

Data Science

Data Science Team Composition (Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Visualizer, Process Owner)

Business Intelligence

  • Types of Business Intelligence
  • Developing Business Intelligence Tools
  • Business Intelligence and the Data Visualization


Data Visualization 

  • Importance of Data Visualization
  • The Visual Data Presentation
  • The Data Visualization Tools (infographics, dials and gauges, geographic maps, sparklines, heat maps, and detailed bar, pie and fever charts)
  • Painting by Numbers and Playing with Colors in Making Visual Stories



Day 2

Data Visualization in Python Programming

  • Data Science with Python
  • Review on Python Fundamentals
  • Variables and Data Types (str, numeric, sequence, mapping, set types, Boolean, binary, casting)
  • Operators, Lists, Tuples. Sets, Dictionaries
  • Conditional Statements
  • Functions, Lambda, Arrays, Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Iterators
  • Scope, Modules, Dates, JSON, RegEx, PIP
  • Try / Except, Command Input, String Formatting
  • File Handling



Day 3

Python and MySQL

  • Creating Database and Table
  • Manipulating Database (Insert, Select, Update, Delete, Where Statement, Order by)
  • Drop Table
  • Limit
  • Joining Tables
  • Removing List Duplicates
  • Reverse a String


Data Visualization with Python and MySQL

  • Using Matplotlib (Basic Plotting)
  • Dictionaries and Pandas
  • Logic, Control Flow and Filtering
  • Manipulating Graphs Properties (Font, Size, Color Scheme)



Day 4

Plotting Data in Different Graph Format

  • Histogram
  • Line
  • Bar
  • Box Plot
  • Pie Chart
  • Donut
  • Scatter Plot
  • Radar
  • Area
  • 2D / 3D Density Plot
  • Dendogram
  • Map (Bubble, Heat)
  • Stacked Chart
  • Venn Diagram
  • Seaborn



Day 5

  • Data Visualization with Python and MySQL
  • Group Work: Create a Top Management Data Visualization Presentation Using ITDI Local ULIMS Data
  • Presentation of Output


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