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Test Driven Development using JUnit is a three-day, comprehensive hands-on test-driven development / JUnit / TDD training course geared for developers who need to get up and running with essential Test-driven development programming skills using JUnit and various open-source testing frameworks. Throughout the course you'll learn, explore and gain practical experience working with best practices for writing great programs in Java, using [..]

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JUnit essentials

• How to use the JUnit Test Runner interface.

• How to use JUnit to drive the implementation of Java code.

• The best practices and patterns for test development.

• The role of debugging when done in conjunction with tests.

• Not only the fundamentals of TDD using Java, but also its importance, uses, strengths and weaknesses.

• How JUnit affects your perspective on development and increases your focus on a task.

• The skills required to implement good JUnit coding style.

• How to Create well-structured JUnit programs.

• How to compile and execute programs using JUnit and DBUnit using Eclipse

• How to extend testing with mock objects using Mockito.

• Key refactoring techniques available to make code as reusable/robust as possible.

• Various testing techniques.

Eğitim İçeriği

Module 1 - Java SE 8/9/11: New Features BootCamp
Functional Programming, Modular Programming, and Reactive Programming
Module 2 - Introduction to JUnit 5
Module 3 - Unit Testing with JUnit 5
Module 4 - MicroService Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Hexagonal Architecture
Module 5 - Test‐Driven Development
Module 6 - Test Doubles: Dummy Object, Stub, Spies, Mocking
Module 7 - Testing Strategies in MicroService Architecture
Module 8 - Spring Boot Testing
Module 9 - Guidelines for Testable Design (Java SE 11, Spring Framework 5)

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