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Module 1: Manage Identity and Access

This module covers Azure Active Directory, Azure Identity Protection, Enterprise Governance, Azure AD PIM, and Hybrid Identity.


  • Azure Active Directory

  • Hybrid Identity

  • Azure Identity Protection

  • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

  • Enterprise Governance

Lab : Role-Based Access Control

Lab : Azure Policy

Lab : Resource Manager Locks

Lab : MFA, Conditional Access and AAD Identity Protection

Lab : Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Lab : Implement Directory Synchronization

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Implement enterprise governance strategies including role-based access control, Azure policies, and resource locks.

  • Implement an Azure AD infrastructure including users, groups, and multi-factor authentication.

  • Implement Azure AD Identity Protection including risk policies, conditional access, and access reviews.

  • Implement Azure AD Privileged Identity Management including Azure AD roles and Azure resources.

  • Implement Azure AD Connect including authentication methods and on-premises directory synchronization.

Module 2: Implement Platform Protection

This module covers perimeter, network, host, and container security.


  • Perimeter Security

  • Network Security

  • Host Security

  • Container Security

Lab : Configuring and Securing ACR and AKS

Lab : Azure Firewall

Lab : Network Security Groups and Application Security Groups

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Implement perimeter security strategies including Azure Firewall.

  • Implement network security strategies including Network Security Groups and Application Security Groups.

  • Implement host security strategies including endpoint protection, remote access management, update management, and disk encryption.

  • Implement container security strategies including Azure Container Instances, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Kubernetes.

Module 3: Secure Data and Applications

This module covers Azure Key Vault, application security, storage security, and SQL database security.


  • Azure Key Vault

  • Application Security

  • Storage Security

  • SQL Database Security

Lab : Key Vault (Implementing Secure Data by setting up Always Encrypted)

Lab : Securing Azure SQL Database

Lab : Service Endpoints and Securing Storage

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Implement Azure Key Vault including certificates, keys, and secretes.

  • Implement application security strategies including app registration, managed identities, and service endpoints.

  • Implement storage security strategies including shared access signatures, blob retention policies, and Azure Files authentication.

  • Implement database security strategies including authentication, data classification, dynamic data masking, and always encrypted.

Module 4: Manage Security Operations

This module covers Azure Monitor, Azure Security Center, and Azure Sentinel.


  • Azure Monitor

  • Azure Security Center

  • Azure Sentinel

Lab : Azure Sentinel

Lab : Azure Security Center

Lab : Azure Monitor

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Implement Azure Monitor including connected sources, log analytics, and alerts.

  • Implement Azure Security Center including policies, recommendations, and just in time virtual machine access.

  • Implement Azure Sentinel including workbooks, incidents, and playbooks.

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