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As Method IT, we would like to inform you about the cookies that we use on our website (

 You can visit our website, receive information about our company and products and meet your requirements without providing any personal information. Various cookies are being used when you visit our website in order to provide convenience for our users and to improve operation.

We will assume that you accept usage of cookies on our website if you approve the warning for cookies that appear when you visit our website, if you continue to visit our website and change cookies settings of your browser.

If you do not approve the usage of cookies, we kindly request from you not to continue to use our website or not to change your cookies preferences of your browser. We also would like to remind you that some features of our website may lose their functionalities if you do not allow cookies.

What is a Cookie?

Cookie is a small sized text file saved to your computer or mobile device through your browser when you visit a website. Cookies enable a website to operate more productively and allow to provide personalized pages to have a faster visiting experience that is more suitable for your personal requirements. Cookies do only include data about the history of your online visits and they do not collect any information about the files stored in your computer or mobile device.

Types and Usage Purposes of Cookies

There are two types of cookies, namely Permanent Cookies and Temporary Cookies, based on their validity periods. Temporary cookies are generated when you visit a website and they are valid until you close your browser. Permanent cookies are generated when you visit the website and stay until you delete them or they are expired.

Metod IT Akademi A.Ş. uses different types of cookies in accordance with its Policy on Protection of Personal Data. Types of these cookies and their purposes of use are explained below:

Mandatory Cookies: These are technical cookies enabling our website to run properly and allowing you to use its features. Any information collected through these cookies are not used for marketing and advertisement purposes.

Cookies Required for Performance and Analysis: These are the cookies collected for the method of use of website in order to improve your navigation at our website. They contain data, such as which pages are visited, duration of visit, language preference of user, etc. Such cookies are used to control whether our website functions as required or not, find errors, make necessary performance settings and improve the website by collecting information about the use of website by the users. Any information collected through these cookies are not used for marketing and advertisement purposes.

How Cookies are Collected?

Cookies are collected through your devices that you use to access browsers and such collected information are specific to those devices. They can be deleted by the user at any time and access to such information can be closed.

How can you Control your Cookies?

You can delete the cookies available in your computer and/or you can prevent your Internet browser to save cookies.

Internet browsers are set by default so as to accept cookies automatically. Management of cookies differ based on the browser you use. You can find below the links to access steps to follow in some browsers in order to manage cookies:

Google Chrome :

Internet Explorer :

Mozilla Firefox :

You can look at Help menu of the browser or application in order to have more information.

If you choose to delete the cookies, your preferences for the relevant file will also be deleted. Furthermore, if you choose to completely prevent cookies, this would also prevent collection of cookies for performance and analysis purposes and the website of Metod IT Akademi A.Ş. may not function properly. 

You can find the regulations on collected data in our Policy for Processing and Protection of Personal Data and Information Note under the Law on Protection of Personal Data. 


You allow to use cookies by using our website. Please review the Policy for Processing and Protection of Personal Data, Information Note, and Cookies Policy of Metod IT Akademi A.Ş. in order to receive more information about processing of personal data and your rights.