Diğer Eğitimler


  • GIT Core concepts& Commands in depth

  • GIT Advanced workflows with real time examples from Clone to push with merge conflicts

  • Integrate GIT Bitbucket with Jira

  • GIT and Bitbucket works together to create Strong Version control System

  • Advanced GIT commands like, rebase, Squash, Cherry pick, amend, bisect, revert , reset etc

  • Git tagging and how to create the tags for the commits in the branch

  • Bitbucket pipelines to check the Code after every GIT Commits and Pull requests

  • Source tree for managing Git activities from the GUI

    Answers to many advance Work flow questions like:

  • "How can I edit/delete my last commit?"

  • "What is the difference between a merge and a rebase ?"

  • "How to squash multiple commits to one commit"?

  • "How to time travel to past commit and make changes"

  • "How to find the Error commit from the bunch of commits"?

  • "What is the Stash?"

  • "How to reset the changes made in Staging, working directories"?

  • "How to add commit from one branch to another?

  • "How to bring back a deleted commit?"

  • "What is the difference between a local tracking branch and a remote tracking branch?"