Diğer Eğitimler


1. Fundamentals of Testing

  • Terminology

  • Common Testing Principles

  • Basic Test Process

  • Psychology of Testing

  • Code of Ethics

  • Testing Missions and Test Objectives

  • Seven Testing Principles

  • Context Drivers for Testing

2. Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle

  • Software Development Models

  • Test Levels and Test Types

  • Maintenance Testing

  • Test Impacts of Software Development Models

  • Illustrating Verification and Validation for Better Understanding

  • Linking Test Levels with Entry and Exit Criteria

  • Compare and Contrast Black Box and White Box Testing

  • Goals, Targets, and Issues within Test Levels

  • Compare and Contrast Test Types Using Examples

3. Test Management

  • Test Organization

  • Planning and Estimation

  • Progress Monitoring and Control

  • Configuration Management

  • Risk and Testing

  • Incident Management

  • Project Constraints

  • Testing Team Organizational Structures

  • Driving More Accurate Test Estimates

  • Choosing a Test Approach

  • Performing Risk Assessment

  • Identifying Incidents

  • Writing an Incident Report

  • Performing a Review Session

  • Developing Oracles

4. Test Design Techniques

  • Testing Development Process

  • Specification-Based Techniques

  • Structure-Based Techniques

  • Experience-Based Techniques

  • Selecting Test Techniques

  • Tests Designed with Equivalence Partitioning

  • Using Equivalence Partitioning as a Test Design Method

  • Using Boundary Value Analysis to Create Tests

  • Analyzing and Mapping Out Complex Logic in Requirements

  • Using a Decision Table to Develop Tests

  • Walking through a State Model

  • Using a State Model to Build Tests

  • Using Case Basics

  • Generating Tests from Use Cases

  • Analyzing Code Flow with Control Flow Diagrams

  • Developing Structural Tests for Code and Analyzing Coverage

  • Differentiating Experience-Based Techniques

  • Choosing a Test Technique

5. Static Techniques

  • Static Testing Techniques

  • Review Process

  • Static Analysis by Tools

6. Tool Support for Testing

  • Types of Tools

  • Effective Use of Tools

  • Introducing Tools into an Organization

  • Test Frameworks

  • Probe Effect

  • Pros and Cons of Tools

  • Piloting a Tool