Diğer Eğitimler

MongoDb, an open source NoSQL database application, is preferred by many institutions due to its flexible and easy to use. In addition to being document-based and fast, MongoDB’s ability to store NoSQL data in document format and its scalability provides a great advantage in terms of easily analyzing the data.

This 3-days MongoDB training for developers is suitable for developers, improvers and participants of software teams who want to use MongoDB in their applications.

  • General features and MongoDB structure

  • MongoDB command line client

  • Adding, deleting and changing data on MongoDB

  • Document consept and structure

  • Defining the indexes of the collection

  • Summarizing large amounts of data


  • Introduction to NoSQL

  • Architecture

  • Overview of CRUD Operations

  • Schema Design and Data modeling

  • Indexes

  • Replication and Sharding Overview

  • Read Operations

  • Text Search and Geospatial Queris

  • Aggregation Pipeline

  • Map-Reduce

  • Monitoring Workload