This UNIX and Linux Essentials course is designed for users and administrators who are new to the Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris operating systems. It will help you develop the basic UNIX skills to interact with the operating system.


  • View and modify file and directory permissions
  • Describe the UNIX operating system
  • Work with files and directories
  • Use the vi editor to create and modify files
  • Use commands within the default shell
  • Manage processes
  • Use advanced shell features in shell scripts
  • Archive files and perform remote file transfer



  • Introduction to UNIX and Linux Environments
  • Working with Files and Directories 
  • Using the vim Editor
  • Using Features within the Bash Shell 
  • Using Basic File Permissions
  • Performing Basic Process Control 
  • Using Advanced Shell Features in Shell Scripts
  • Archiving, Compressing and Performing Remote file Transfer
  • Oracle Cloud Computing