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You will learn how to configure fundamental elements of ISE and how to secure identity-based networks using 802.1X for both wired and wireless clients, using Windows 10 and Cisco IP-Phoneendpoints. You will integrate the Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller (vWLC) with advanced ISE features. You will also learn to use the following advanced features of Cisco ISE: Active Directory Integration, Policy Sets, EasyConnect, EAP-FAST with EAP Chaining, Guest Access, Profiler, BYOD, AnyConnect 4.x Posture Module for LAN and VPN compliance, TACACS+ Device Management, pxGrid and TrustSec Security Group Access.


Module 1: Introducing Cisco ISE Architecture and Deployment

  • Cisco ISE Features and Services

  • Cisco ISE Deployment Models

Module 2: Cisco ISE Policy Enforcement

  • Introducing 802.1X and MAB Access: Wired and Wireless

  • Introducing Cisco ISE Identity Management

  • Configuring Cisco ISE Certificate Services

  • Introducing Cisco ISE Policy Sets

  • Configuring Cisco ISE Authentication and Authorization Policy

  • Implementing Third-Party Network Access Device Support

  • Overview of Cisco TrustSec using Cisco ISE

  • Introducing Cisco ISE EasyConnect

Module 3: Web Auth and Guest Services

  • Introducing Web Access with Cisco ISE

  • Introducing Cisco ISE Guest Access Components

  • Configuring Guest Access Settings

  • Configuring Portals: Sponsors and Guests

Module 4: Cisco ISE Profiler

  • Introducing Cisco ISE Profiler

  • Configuring Cisco ISE Profiling

Module 5: Cisco ISE BYOD

  • Introducing the Cisco ISE BYOD Process

  • Describing BYOD Flow

  • Configuring My Devices Portal Settings

  • Configuring Certificates in BYOD Scenarios

Module 6: Cisco ISE Endpoint Compliance

  • Introducing Cisco ISE Endpoint Compliance

  • Configuring Client Posture Services and Provisioning in Cisco ISE

Module 7: Working with Network Access Devices

  • Configuring TACACS+ for Cisco ISE Device Administration