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The Develop Web Services and Microservices with Java course is aimed at Java developers, designers and architects who are interested in building and designing Web Services and Microservices based applications. The course presents different Web Service use-cases and describes most appropriate Web Service design choices depending on a purpose of the service, such as designing services for application integration, or for implementing Microservices applications.

In this training course you will will be taught practical skills of building both SOAP and REST WebServices. Course also teaches a number of related and supporting technologies, such as handling of XML and JSON data. Course is comprised of number of presentations and practical exercises that teach important design concepts and programming techniques required to successfully implement WebServices and Microservices applications. Course teaches you how to create and deploy WebService and Microservices applications using Java EE (WebLogic) as well as Java MicroProfile (Helidon) environments.


  • Develop Web Services and Microservice Applications with Java
  • Introduction to Web Services
  • Handle XML Using JAXB API
  • Create SOAP Services Using JAX-WS API
  • Invoke SOAP Services Using JAX-WS API
  • Handle JSON Using JSON-P and JSON-B APIs
  • Build REST Services Using JAX-RS API
  • Invoke REST Services
  • WebServices Security and Policies
  • Service Architecture

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