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The Java SE: Exploiting Modularity and Other New Features course introduces the Java module system and other recent features that are carried forward to Java SE 11, including JShell, convenience methods, new techniques for working with streams, and managing deprecated APIs.


  • Identify deprecated APIs and possible alternatives
  • Swap sub-optimal or tedious coding with convenience methods
  • Create a modular Java application
  • Run applications that combine modularized libraries and non-modularized libraries
  • Create a custom runtime image
  • Build Multi-release JAR files
  • Design interfaces which implement methods
  • Process stream data using new convenience methods
  • Leverage JShell for fast code experiments
  • Identify and apply new methods to more conveniently work with collections and arrays
  • Identify and address common requirements in migrating older applications to modularity


  • Introduction 
  • Why Modules?
  • Working with the Module System
  • The Modular JDK
  • Creating Custom Runtime Images
  • Migration
  • Services
  • Multi-Release JAR Files
  • Private Methods in Interfaces
  • Enhancements to the Stream API
  • JShell
  • Convenience Methods for Collections
  • Convenience Methods for Arrays
  • Enhanced Deprecation

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