Diğer Eğitimler


1.      Introduction to iOS And installation

a.      Introduction

b.      Course Structure

c.       Getting To Grips!

d.      Purchasing a Developer Licence

e.      Download and Installing Xcode

f.        Create, Download and Install Certificates

g.      Creating an App ID

h.      Project Types, What's Best

i.        What are Classes, InfoPLis

j.        Using the Interface Builder

k.       Building on the IOS Simulator

l.        Building to a iOS Device

m.    Creating Actions and Outlets

n.      iOS App 1: Creating a Hello World Application

o.      Universal Constraints

2.      Swift Programming Language

a.      Declaring Constants and Variables

b.      Operators - Strings and Characters

c.       Type Casting

d.      Collection Types – Arrays – Dictionaries

e.      Controlling The Keyboard

f.        Control Flow – For – While – If – Switch

g.      Functions – Parameters – Return

h.      Classes and Structure

i.        Stored Properties - Lazy Stored Properties

j.        Inheritance – Subclassing – Overriding

k.       Thread – NSTimer

l.        Date – DateFormatter

m.    File Operations – FileManager

3.      Creating Actions And Components

a.      UISwitches

b.      UISegmented Controls

c.       Controlling UISliders

d.      UIButton

e.      Using Delayed Actions

f.        UIViews

g.      UITableView

h.      UIImageView

i.        UINavigation Controls

j.        Controlling UIScrollViews      

k.       Displaying UIAlertViews

l.        Using UIPickerViews

m.    Using UIWebViews

n.      Controlling UIWebViews

o.      Activity Indicator

p.      Using UIMapViews

q.      Controlling UIMapViews & Displaying Location

r.       Maps Application

s.       Switching Views in Storyboards

t.        Switching to a XIB View

u.      Removing The Status Bar

4.      Applications and Objects Uses

a.      Master-Detail Application

b.      Page-Based Application

c.       Single View Application

d.      Point For Games -Tabbed Application

e.      Project General – Capabilities – Build Settings – Build Phases

f.        Linking objects to controllers

g.      Controlling size, position and alignment

h.      View Controller

i.        Navigation Controller

j.        Table View Controller

k.       Tab Bar Controller

l.        Split View Controller

m.    Label – Button – Segment – TextField

n.      Slider – switch – indicator – ProgressView – Stepper

o.      Table View - Table View Cell – Image View

p.      Text View – Scroll View – Date Picker

q.      MapKit View – Web View – Swipe

r.       Navigation Bar - Navigation Bar Item – Toolbar

5.      Multi Media

a.      Sound Play

b.      Video Play

c.       Http Image Using

6.      Core Data – SQLite

a.      Introducing Core Data

b.      Working With Core Data

c.       ManageObjects Core Data

d.      UserDefaults – Object – SetObject

e.      SQLite Overview

f.        SQL Query

g.      Insert,Select,Update, Delete Querys

h.      Join and Security

i.        Data App

7.      Server – Rest Api – Soap

a.      REST API Calls

b.      XML Parser

c.       Json Read And Parser

d.      GET/POST Method

e.      File Upload

f.        File Download

8.      Swift File Cache Protocol Oriented Swift

a.      Intro to Protocols

b.      Protocol Extension

c.       Protocol as Type

d.      The Delegate Pattern

e.      The Data Source Pattern

f.        Conclusion

9.      Memory Management

a.      Introduction

b.      Automatic Reference Counting

c.       Delegate Retain Cycle

d.      Closure Retain Cycle

e.      Escaping and Autoclosures

f.        Conclusion

10.  Asynchronous Programming

a.      Making the UI more responsive with asynchronous queues

b.      Dispatch Queues and Grand Central Dispatch

c.       Operation Queues

11.  Cocoapods Using

a.      Cocoapods installation

b.      Cocoapods Frameworks

c.       Frameworks in app

12.  Camera & Social

a.      Camera Take Photo

b.      Camera Upload image

c.       Camera Video Save

d.      Share Data / Image

13.  iOS Interaction

a.      Sms Send

b.      Mail Send

c.       Call Telephone

14.  Animations

a.      Creating Animations

b.      TransitionWithView

c.       UIViewAnimationOptions

d.      AnimateWithDuration

15.  GPS and Apple Maps Apps

a.      Introduction to Where Was I?

b.      Showing a Map with Apple Maps - And Frameworks

c.       Info.plist - Location Permissions and Required Device Capabilities

d.      Asking for Permission and Showing a Location

e.      Getting Location Coordinates

f.        Saving Location Coordinates with UserDefaults

g.      Showing Last Location with a Pin Annotation