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Product Development Proccess

  • The Product Life Cycle Part 1 - Development, Introduction, Growth

  • The Product Life Cycle Part 2 - Maturity, Decline

  • The Product Development Process

  • Waterfall vs Agile

Product Idea

  • How to Discover your product

  • Find problem and identify problem

  • Interview your users

Finding a Market Fit

  • Use SWOT Analysis to Understand the Market Landscape

  • How to Stand Out

  • Size the Market

  • Trends

Relate to Your Users

  • Personas

  • Making an Empathy Map

Testing and Validating Your Product Idea

  • Lean Product Design

  • Design Experiments

  • Test by Smoke Selling

  • Test by Making a Product Demo Video

  • Test by Using the Concierge Method

  • Don't Be Data-Driven, Be Data-Informed

Shaping the Product

  • How to Create a Feature Backlog

  • Create a Feature Backlog Using Pivotal Tracker


  • How to Use Wireframes and Prototypes Effectively

  • Make Your Product Super Intuitive Through User Testing

User Stories

  • Write User Stories for Your Product Idea

  • Prioritize Stories Using Assumption Testing

  • Prioritize Stories Using the MoSCoW method

  • Prioritize Stories Using the BUC method

  • Estimate and Size Stories

Product Management Leadership

  • How to Lead Developers

  • How to Lead Designers

  • How to Manage Stakeholders