Diğer Eğitimler


Lesson 1: Creating a High-Performing Team

  • Topic A: Build a Team

  • Topic B:Define Team Ground Rules

  • Topic C: Negotiate Project Agreements

  • Topic D: Empower Team Members and Stakeholders

  • Topic E: Train Team Members and Stakeholders

  • Topic F: Engage and Support Virtual Teams

  • Topic G: Build Shared Understanding about a Project

Lesson 2: Starting the Project

  • Topic A: Determine Appropriate Project Methodology/Methods and Practices

  • Topic B: Plan and Manage Scope

  • Topic C: Plan and Manage Budget and Resources

  • Topic D: Plan and Manage Schedule

  • Topic E: Plan and Manage Quality of Products and Deliverables

  • Topic F: Integrate Project Planning Activities

  • Topic G: Plan and Manage Procurement

  • Topic H: Establish Project Governance Structure

  • Topic I: Plan and Manage Project/Phase Closure

Lesson 3: Doing the Work

  • Topic A: Assess and Manage Risks

  • Topic B: Execute Project to Deliver Business Value

  • Topic C: Manage Communications

  • Topic D: Engage Stakeholders

  • Topic E: Create Project Artifacts

  • Topic F: Manage Project Changes

  • Topic G: Manage Project Issues

  • Topic H: Ensure Knowledge Transfer for Project Continuity

Lesson 4: Keeping the Team on Track

  • Topic A: Lead a Team

  • Topic B: Support Team Performance

  • Topic C: Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles and Blockers

  • Topic D: Manage Conflict

  • Topic E: Collaborate with Stakeholders

  • Topic F: Mentor Relevant Stakeholders

  • Topic G: Apply Emotional Intelligence to Promote Team Performance

Lesson 5: Keeping the Business in Mind

  • Topic A: Manage Compliance Requirements

  • Topic B: Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value

  • Topic C: Evaluate and Address Internal and External Business Environment Changes

  • Topic D: Support Organizational Change

  • Topic E: Employ Continuous Process Improvement