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This Oracle GoldenGate 12c training covers installing and configuring advanced features of the product, including active-active replication and conflict detection/resolution. Explore in more depth topics introduced in the fundamentals course, such as Event Marker and Advanced Data Transformation techniques. Implement 3-way, Multi-Master configurations and experiment with Oracle RAC, integrating Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle clusters. Configure Oracle GoldenGate replication in a multi-tenant database supporting pluggable databases (PDBs.)


  • Familiarize the student with Data Conflict Avoidance Techniques
  • Set up and manage advanced deployment models, such as 3-node multi master replication configurations
  • Integrate Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle cluster configurations
  • Explain Oracle GoldenGate Advanced Configuration options
  • Describe and take advantage of the Integrated Capture feature to extract complex data types and compressed data
  • Introduce the new Integrate Replicat feature for improved data delivery
  • Configure and implement the Oracle GoldenGate Event Marker system, to enable data transformation based on event records in the transaction logs or in the trail files
  • Master Oracle GoldenGate facilities to detect and resolve data conflicts in active-to-active replication implementations
  • Perform zero-downtime database migration


  • Introduction
  • Oracle GoldenGate Integrated Capture/Apply
  • Integrated Capture Deployment and Required Components
  • Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle Real Application Clusters Configuration
  • Oracle GoldenGate Event Marker System
  • Data Mapping, Data Selection/Filtering, and Data Transformation
  • Custom Behavior Through User Exits
  • Configuring Zero Down–Time Migration Replication
  • Bidirectional Replication: Two-Node Configuration
  • Conflict Detection and Resolution: Custom Techniques
  • Multi-Master Replication Topology: Three-Node Configuration
  • Active Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate: How to Achieve Maximum Availability

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