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This Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) training provides experience in configuring and administering the ODI 12c environment. Learn methods and techniques of data integration among various platforms based on the architecture of Extract Load Transform (EL-T).


  • Administer ODI resources and setup security with ODI
  • Apply ODI Topology concepts for data integration
  • Describe ODI Model concepts
  • Describe architecture of Oracle Data Integrator 12c
  • Design ODI Mappings, Procedures, Packages, and Load Plans to perform ELT data transformations
  • Explore, audit data, and enforce data quality with ODI
  • Implement Changed Data Capture with ODI
  • Integrate ODI with Version Control Systems (Subversion)
  • Extend ODI to include the Big Data Hadoop ecosystem


  • Introduction to Integration and Administration
  • Administering ODI Repositories
  • ODI Topology Concepts
  • Physical and Logical Architecture
  • Setting Up a New ODI Project
  • Oracle Data Integrator Model Concepts
  • Organizing ODI Models and Creating ODI Datastores
  • ODI Mapping Concepts
  • Designing Mappings
  • Mappings: Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Designing Mappings: Advanced Topics 1
  • Designing Mappings: Advanced Topics 2
  • Using ODI Procedures
  • Using ODI Packages
  • Step-by-Step Debugger
  • Managing ODI Scenarios
  • Using Load Plans
  • Enforcing Data Quality with ODI
  • Working with Changed Data Capture (CDC)
  • Advanced ODI Administration
  • Integrating ODI with Subversion
  • Integrating Big Data with ODI

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