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This Oracle BPM 12c: Essentials Ed 1 training teaches you how to use Oracle BPM 12c to collaboratively discover and define process models. Explore enterprise maps to value chain models to detailed process flows.


Create business architecture projects and run reports

Roll up key performance indicators in business architecture reports

Deploy a business process to BPM Run Time

Participate in a running process as an end user

Analyze process workload and performance using Oracle Business Process Workspace

Collaborate with others who are working on the same BPM project

Document business processes

Describe the Business Process Management (BPM) life cycle and how the various components of the Oracle BPM Suite are used

Create process models and other artifacts using Oracle Business Process Composer and Oracle BPM Studio

Create and implement user tasks, business rules, and service tasks

Handle exceptions

Configure process analytics to gather both standard and custom process metrics

Create real-time dashboards using Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (Oracle BAM)


  • Course Overview
  • The BPM Life Cycle and the Oracle BPM Suite
  • Creating Business Architecture Projects
  • Modeling a Process Using Oracle Business Process Composer
  • Documenting BPM Projects
  • Collaborating on BPM Projects
  • Creating and Using Data Objects
  • Implementing User Tasks
  • Implementing Business Rule Tasks
  • Implementing Service Tasks
  • Playing the Process
  • Deploying the Process
  • Participating in a Running Process
  • Using Additional BPMN Flow Objects
  • Communicating Between Processes
  • İstisnaları ele alma
  • Monitoring the Process
  • Creating Real-Time Dashboards Using BAM
  • Surfacing KPIs in Business Architecture Reports

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