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This Oracle Service Bus 12c: System Admin, Design & Integrate Accel Ed 1 training is a bundled course comprised of Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design and Integrate Services and Oracle Service Bus 12c: Administration courses. Learn to use Oracle Service Bus 12c (12.1.3) to integrate services across various protocols and technologies and get equipped with the VETRO (Validate, Enrich, Transform, Route, Operate) pattern implementation.


  • Perform high availability and clustering of Oracle Service Bus 12c
  • Implement message validation, routing, transformation and enrichment
  • Use Oracle Service Bus and OWSM to secure services
  • Test, debug, and troubleshoot Oracle Service Bus applications
  • Enable service level abstraction
  • Describe Oracle Service Bus architecture and functional layers
  • Expose a SOAP service as a REST service
  • Implement Oracle Web Services Manager security in securing Oracle Service Bus services
  • Describe Message Level Security and securing Oracle Service Bus
  • Use some of the basic transports protocols in Oracle Service Bus
  • Migrate an Service Bus configuration from staging to production environments
  • Automate Service Bus tasks by using WLST scripts
  • Configure and administer Oracle Service Bus 12c and its components


  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Oracle Service Bus
  • Installing Oracle Service Bus 12c
  • Service Bus Administration Tools
  • Service Bus Management Fundamentals
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • Service Bus Security
  • Service Bus High Availability
  • Introducing Oracle Service Bus
  • Getting Started with Oracle Service Bus Applications
  • Basics of Message Flow
  • Validating Messages and Error Handling
  • Transforming Messages
  • Routing Messages
  • Enriching Messages
  • Processing Messages with Concurrent Calls
  • Adapters and Transports
  • Reliable Messaging
  • Service Bus Security
  • Advanced Topics

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