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The Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration training expands your mastery of the enterprise-level Oracle Solaris 11 operating system. You're presented with complex and integrated administration concepts, supported by an intensive hands-on experience.


  • Installing Oracle Solaris 11 OS on Multiple Hosts
  • Managing the Image Packaging System (IPS) and Packages
  • Managing the Business Application Data
  • Configuring Network and Traffic Failover
  • Configuring Zones and the Virtual Network
  • Managing Services and Service Properties
  • Configuring Privileges and Role-Based Access Control
  • Securing System Resources using Solaris Auditing
  • Managing Processes and Priorities
  • Evaluating the System Resources
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software Failures


  • Introduction
  • Managing Services and Service Properties by Using SMF
  • Managing Software Packages by Using IPS
  • Managing Data Backup and Restore by Using ZFS
  • Configuring the Network
  • Administering Network Services
  • Advanced Administration of Zones
  • Securing the Oracle Solaris 11 OS
  • Managing Processes and Priorities
  • Installing Oracle Solaris 11 on Multiple Hosts
  • Implementing System Messaging and Diagnostic Facilities