Other Trainings

Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux: Getting Started teaches students that are new to OpenStack about this cloud computing architecture, core and optional services, Docker images and containers, a multi-node deployment, and troubleshooting deployments.


  • Describes the networking services and architecture of Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
  • Describes Core and Optional OpenStack Services
  • Describes Docker's Architecture and Internal Components
  • Describe Docker Administration
  • Identify hardware and storage prerequisites
  • Describe the kollacli command
  • Describe host nodes for a multi-node deployment
  • Describes deploying Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
  • Review removing Docker images and OpenStack Services
  • Describes centralizing OpenStack service logs with rsyslog
  • Describes analyzing and tracing virtual machine instances
  • Describe the OpenStack software platform
  • Review the history of OpenStack
  • Define SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
  • Review features and benefits of Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
  • Identify the node types, instances and storage types of Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux


  • Introducing Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
  • Architecture
  • Core and Optional Services
  • Docker
  • Deployment
  • Troubleshooting