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Oracle Solaris 11 Performance Management course introduces you to performance tuning principles. Learn to monitor utilities and use tuning tools for the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System.


  • Use the Oracle Solaris 11 OS and third-party tools to analyze performance.
  • View and set tunable parameters for the global or a non-global zone.
  • Monitor and report on process and thread activity.
  • Modify CPU scheduling and virtual memory operations.
  • Describe system caches and system buses.
  • Tune I/O, the ZFS File System and network subsystems.
  • Evaluate system workloads.
  • Assess system performance.
  • Determine the cause of system performance issues.
  • Configure system resource for best performance.
  • Optimize software running on UltraSPARC CMT technology.
  • Tune the Solaris 11 OS.


  • S Oracle Solaris 11 Performance Management Ed 1: Introduction
  • Introducing Performance Management
  • kstat Monitoring Tools
  • procfs Monitoring Tools
  • DTrace
  • Other Significant Tools
  • Processes and Threads
  • System Caches and Buses
  • System Memory
  • ZFS File System
  • Solaris 11 Network Tuning
  • Resource Management
  • Oracle Solaris Virtualization Performance Management
  • Performance Analysis and Testing