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In this course, you will learn the concepts and functions that are critical to the System Administrator role. This includes managing security, managing concurrent processing, monitoring your system using Oracle Applications Manager, SOA and web services for system administration, and other related topics.


  • Set up and administer security-related features.

  • Monitor Oracle E-Business Suite activities using OAM.

  • Understand the fundamentals of Oracle Workflow, including its setup.

  • Configure flexfields and understand how they are used by Oracle E-Business Suite.

  • Set up and manage profile options, printers, personalizations, and other features.

  • Describe service-oriented architecture (SOA) and manage service life cycle activities


  • Introduction

  • Oracle E-Business Suite System Administrative Responsibilities

  • Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite Security

  • Introduction to Function Security

  • Introduction to Data Security

  • Introduction to User Management

  • Implementing Oracle User Management

  • Introduction to Concurrent Requests

  • Managing Concurrent Requests

  • Administering Concurrent Managers

  • Introduction to Oracle Applications Manager (OAM)

  • System Monitoring in Oracle Applications Manager

  • Oracle Applications Manager - Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Managing Profile Options

  • Introduction to Oracle Workflow

  • Oracle Workflow Components

  • Workflow Tasks for the System Administrator

  • SOA and Web Services for the System Administrator

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