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Oracle iRecruitment is a full-cycle solution that enables managers, recruiters, candidates, and agency users to manage all phases of recruitment, from vacancy definition through recruiting and hiring new employees. This course provides an overview of the functionality included in Oracle iRecruitment and the implementation steps you need to install iRecruitment. The content in the course is relevant for both Oracle Applications 11i and Release 12 users.


  • Progress applications and manage offers to applicants
  • Generate recruitment letters and reports for analysis
  • Identify the benefits of using iRecruitment
  • Identify different types of iRecruitment users
  • Understand how iRecruitment security works
  • Perform the setup, functional, and post install steps
  • Understand the Recruitment cycle and where iRecruitment fits into it
  • Understand approval rules in iRecruitment
  • Configure iRecruitment site to suit business requirements
  • Create assessments for registration and job application processes
  • Create common job descriptions
  • Create and manage vacancies in iRecruitment
  • Use the site visitor functionality
  • Register in iRecruitment and use registered user functionality
  • Apply for jobs and complete job application test
  • Process candidates


  • R12.x Oracle HRMS iRecruitment Fundamentals
  • Overview of Oracle iRecruitment Part 1
  • Overview of Oracle iRecruitment Part 2
  • Implement Oracle iRecruitment Part 1
  • Implement Oracle iRecruitment Part 2
  • Implement Oracle iRecruitment Part 3
  • Configuring iRecruitment Pages
  • Managers and Recruiters: Assessments
  • Managers and Recruiters: Vacancies and Job Posting
  • Job Seekers: Site Visitors and Registered Users
  • Managers and Recruiters: Candidate Processing
  • Managing Communications
  • Managing Interview Tasks
  • Managers and Recruiters: Working with Applicants
  • Using Employee Interface
  • Agency Users - Working with iRecruitment
  • Generate Letters, Reports, and Perform Purge
  • R12.x Oracle HRMS iRecruitment Fundamentals Conclusion

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