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This R12.X Framework Applications training teaches you methods & tools that E-Business Suite developers use to create OA Framework-based pages. Complete a full-featured application that queries, inserts, updates & deletes data from an instance.


  • Complete a basic query page (SELECT)
  • Complete a basic drill-down page (SELECT)
  • Complete a basic create page (INSERT)
  • Complete a basic delete page (DELETE)
  • Complete a single-page update page (UPDATE)
  • Complete a multi-page update (UPDATE)
  • Understand the foundational concepts and standards of OA Framework-based applications and pages


  • Introduction to OA Framework
  • Concepts of the MVC Design Pattern
  • Basics of the Model
  • Basics of the View
  • Basics of the Controller
  • Setting up your Development Environment
  • Introduction to JDeveloper 10g with OA Extension
  • Implementing a Query Page and Drill Down Page
  • Implementing a Create Page
  • Implementing a Delete Page
  • Implementing an Update Page
  • OA Framework Development Concepts and Standards
  • Deploying OA Framework Applications

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