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This course teaches you how to migrate your data from On-Premises Oracle Database to Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud service. You will reinforce your learning with the hands-on labs as part of this course. It's ideal for DBAs who want to migrate their skills to the Cloud.


  • Identify the key features of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud services
  • Identify the considerations for choosing a migration method
  • Identify the steps involved in moving existing data marts to Oracle Cloud
  • Analyze and choose a migration strategy
  • Prepare source and target database systems for migration
  • Migrate your data from On-Premises Oracle Database to Autonomous Database
  • Perform post-migration verification


  • Course Overview
    • Describe the course objectives and prerequisites
    • Explore the course road map & use case
    • Identify course persona
    • Course Prerequisites
    • Identify the course environment and sample schema used in this course
  •  Migrating Your Oracle Database to Autonomous Database Overview
    • Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform Overview
    • Autonomous Database: Overview
    • Autonomous Data Warehouse: Overview
    • Autonomous Transaction Processing: Overview
    • Migration: What, Why, and How
  • Analyzing and Choosing Your Migration Strategy
    • Analyzing Source System: On-Premises Oracle Database
    • Identifying Database Objects to be Migrated
    • Identify the benefits of this migration
    • Choosing a Migration Strategy
  • Preparing Source and Target Systems for Migration
    • Prepare the source database for migration
    • Create the target system: Autonomous Database instances
    • Prepare the target service instances
    • Create a storage bucket in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage
  •  Migrating Using SQL Developer
    • Describe the methods and techniques to migrate database objects and segments by using SQL Developer
    • Migrate tables by using SQL Developer
    • Perform post-migration verification tasks
  •  Migrating On-Premises Database Schema Using Data Pump
    • Explore Data Pump migration methods
    • Use Oracle Data Pump Export to export database schemas
    • Upload Data Pump files to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage
    • Use Oracle Data Pump Import to import data files into Autonomous Data Warehouse

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