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Learn to provision and use Oracle Autonomous Database and Analytics Cloud service instances with Oracle Machine Learning. Experience the ease of performing predictive analysis of data on Oracle Cloud.


  • Discuss about the features in OML that will enable effective collaboration in a global workspace
  • Describe how these Oracle Cloud services can add value and transform your business
  • Identify Oracle Cloud services that are compatible with Oracle Machine Learning
  • Explain the capabilities and features of Oracle Machine Learning (OML)
  • Explore data visualizations capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud


  • Course Overview
    • Target Audience
    • Prerequisites
    • Course Roadmap
    • Use Case: The Tronics
    • Class Person
    • Course Practices
    • Sample Database Schemas Used in the Course
  • Introduction to Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform
    • Growth of Oracle Machine Learning
    • Oracle Machine Learning: Features & Components
    • Supported Oracle Cloud Services
    • Oracle Cloud Platform Autonomous Services
    • Oracle Autonomous Database
    • Oracle Analytics Cloud
    • Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud: Use Cases
  • Creating Workspace and Projects in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Accessing the Oracle Machine Learning Home Page
    • Creating a New Project and Workspace
    • Managing Workspaces Permissions
  • Creating SQL Scripts and Running SQL Commands in Oracle Machine Learning
    • SQL Script Scratchpad
    • Developing & Running SQL Scripts
    • Exporting and Importing SQL Scripts
    • Restrictions on SQL Commands
    • Restrictions for Database Options
    • Restrictions for Database Initialization Parameters
    • Connection Groups
  • Notebooks in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Examples: OML Notebook
    • Creating & Editing a Notebook
    • Typical Workflow for Analyzing Data with Oracle Machine Learning
    • Traditional Programming Versus Machine Learning
    • Creating Text Input Forms in Notebooks
    • Creating Select Forms in Notebooks
    • Creating Check Box Forms in Notebooks
    • Setting Up an Output Format
  • Collaborating Using Templates in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Templates in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Saving a Notebook as Template in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Sharing Templates
    • Editing Template Settings
    • Collaborate Using the Export Option
  • Working with Jobs in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Jobs in Oracle Machine Learning
    • Creating a Job
    • Viewing Job Logs
  • Managing Oracle Machine Learning
    • Workflow for Managing Oracle Machine Learning
    • user-data
    • Compute Resource
    • Creating User Accounts for Oracle Machine Learning
  • Working with Oracle Machine Learning using Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud
    • Autonomous Transaction Processing
    • Typical Workflow for Autonomous Transaction Processing, and Other Services and Tools
    • Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Transaction Processing
    • K-means Algorithm
    • Oracle Machine Learning for Data Access, Analysis, and Discovery
  • Creating Visualizations in Oracle Machine Learning Using Analytics Cloud
    • Oracle Analytics Cloud
    • Creating Connections to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
    • Create Connections to Autonomous Transactional Processing Cloud
    • Use Machine Learning to Analyze Data by Using Oracle Analytics Cloud
    • Using Data Flow to Curate Data Sources
    • Running Data Flows
    • Prediction Visualization

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