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This one-day instructor-led class is intended for IT professionals and IT managers who work with Active Directory or supervise IT professionals that work with Active Directory. Additionally, IT professionals that work with products that integrate with Active Directory such as Exchange can also benefit. In this course, students learn how and why Active Directory was developed by Microsoft, the fundamental architecture, basic design, management, as well as security and fundamentals for cloud integration with services like Azure.


  • Understand the industry standards used in Active Directory and their importance.

  • Recognize the functionality of Domain Controllers and Active Directory Replication mechanisms.

  • Understand Forest, Domain and OU structure.

  • Recognize and understand the role of Active Directory Sites.

  • Skills needed to determine Domain Controller Server versions, Forest and Domain Functional levels.

  • Describe authentication Mechanisms in Active Directory NTLM and Kerberos.

  • Optimize and maintain Group Policy Objects (GPO) used in Active Directory.

  • Understand the functioning of Active Directory Partitions and the Global Catalog.

  • Fundamental understanding of using Active Directory with Cloud Services like Federation Services and Azure.


  • Basic understanding of networking concepts.

  • Basic Windows knowledge.

  • Basic understanding of security concepts such as authentication and authorization


This course is intended for both novice and experienced IT professionals, Network Administrators new to Active Directory, Help Desk Personnel, Network Support Personal, Desktop Support Personal, Managers that oversee IT personnel, Developers that create products that interact with Active Directory and Exchange Administrators.


  • Principles of Active Directory

  • Fundamentals of WAN management with Active Directory

  • Introduction to Active Directory Group Policy Object

  • Principles of Active Directory Integration