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  1. Attacks, Breach Detection, and Sysinternals Tools

    • Understanding attacks

    • Detecting security breaches

    • Examining activity with the Sysinternals tools

  2. Protecting Credentials and Privileged Access

    • Understanding User Rights

    • Computer and Service Accounts

    • Protecting Credentials

    • Privileged Access Workstations and jump servers

    • Local administrator password solution

  3. Limiting Administrator Rights with Just Enough Administration (JEA)

    • Understanding JEA

    • Verifying and Deploying JEA

  4. Privileged Access Management and Administrative Forest

    • ESAE forests

    • Overview of Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)

    • Overview of JIT administration and PAM

  5. Mitigating Malware and Threats

    • Configuring and Managing Windows Defender

    • Restricting software

    • Configuring and Using Device Guard

  6. Analyzing Activity with Advanced Auditing and Log Analytics

    • Overview of Auditing

    • Advanced Auditing

    • Windows PowerShell Auditing and Logging

  7. Deploying and Configuring Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) and Operations Management Suite (OMS)

    • Deploying and configuring ATA

    • Deploying and configuring Microsoft Operations Management Suite

    • Deploying and configuring Azure Security Center

  8. Secure Virtualization Infrastructure

    • Guarded Fabric

    • Shielded and Encryption-Supported VMs

  9. Securing Application Development and Server-Workload Infrastructure

    • Using Security Compliance Manager

    • Understanding Containers

  10. Planning and Protecting Data

    • Planning and Implementing Encryption

    • Planning and Implementing BitLocker

    • Protecting data by using Azure Information Protection

  11. Optimizing and Securing File Services

    • Introduction to FSRM

    • Implementing Classification and File-Management Tasks

    • Access Control (DAC)

  12. Securing Network Traffic with Firewalls and Encryption

    • Understand network-related security threats

    • Understanding Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

    • Configuring IPsec

    • Datacenter Firewall

  13. Securing Network Traffic

    • Configuring Advanced DNS Settings

    • Examining Network Traffic with Microsoft Message Analyzer

    • Securing Server Analyzing SMB Traffic

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